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Plasma assays

For animal health, Vétalis invites veterinarians to carry out plasma analyses on livestock, to determine levels of trace elements in the animals; In the event of deficiencies and excesses, appropriate solutions can then be proposed.
Generally used on cattle, these analyses may also be carried out on sheep (rams and ewes) and pigs.

A sampling kit enables plasma trace element assays to be carried out for five separate animals.

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Technical training

Vétalis manufactures and distributes boluses and nutraceutical products, but it doesn’t stop there! To provide full support that will help keep herds healthy, we offer veterinarians technical training with their teams or the farmers that they work with.

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Our research and development laboratory together with our production facilities enable us to assist you in the development of new products, from the idea to manufacturing in compliance with specifications determined with you. Our team is at your disposal to carry out in-depth studies of any projects that you may wish to entrust to us, on a totally confidential basis.

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