Animal nutraceuticals: passionate about innovation!

Research and Development

To innovate is to prevent

Innovating with passion

The R&D team creates innovative products using active ingredients such as trace elements, vitamins, prebiotics, probiotics, plants, and plant extracts, etc.

The laboratory received « Research Laboratory » accreditation from the French Ministry for Research and Higher Education in 2009. Recognized as an R&D expertise platform, we are able to develop products on behalf of companies in the private sector which benefits of a tax reduction in the frame of a “Crédit Impôt Recherche”.

Stronger Together

Thanks to its expertise, the R&D team works with independent experts, veterinarians, and collaborating livestock farmers to create dynamic partnerships.

Various collaborative studies have also been carried out through a network of universities and/or public research institutional partners (INRA, National Veterinary Schools, etc.…). We also undertake collaborations with companies from the private sector.

Intellectual property: a key element of our strategy

Registered patents, registered designs:

  • Galenic bolus > control of the desintegration
  • «Calcium and/or magnesium pidolate » molecule

Since september 2017, the Vétalis bolus galenic is patented! It enables the duration monitoring of the controlled release of the bolus.