Vétalis Technologies: an alternative vision of animal health

Our Vision and Values

Rethink animal health

The fundamentals of our vision

Preserving our land, animals and  farmers and guaranteeing innovative solutions thanks to the work of our veterinarians. Animal health, yes, but through a different approach!

Choosing anticipation and prevention enables to respect and facilitate the work of farmers. It also provides a solution to the public health problem of antibiotic resistance.

Taking on our ecological responsibility helps to secure the workplace and the food that we give our children. Supporting sustainable farming allows to prioritize quality. Eat less, but eat better!

We are also aware of our social responsibility, it’s a behaviour to adopt everyday.
We are committed to valuing the work of all our employees as well. For us, the economy is at the service of people, and not the opposite!

Vétalis’vision – video

Importance of core values everyday at Vétalis

All our values are the cornerstones on which we are building in order to evolve and take the best strategic decisions.

This perspective injected by Laurent Chery, the president of Vétalis Technologies, is shared by all the employees and collaborators of the company and is adressed to the customers as well as our financial and commercial partners.

Moral values

Societal values

Behaviour principles

Fulfillment values

Zoom on a key value : well-being at work

The Feng-shui


Did you know ? The Feng-shui is a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine, that consists in organizing a living space with balance and harmony energetics principles, aiming to improve your professionnal and interpersonal life standards.


That is why it was absolutely necessary for Laurent Chery – during the creation of the new industrial location – to give to his colleagues and associates a quality working instrument in favour of well-being. In this way, all the spaces have been elaborated according to the basis of Feng-shui thanks to the support of an expert.



The 222


You are wondering what is hiding behind this number ? This is simply THE meeting place of the company ! This is a pleasant and friendly place where we can share a coffee, sharing a table football or pool game, enjoy an after-work with music and so on. It is also in 222 that important event takes place everyday at 10am = the coffee break for everyone.