Vétalis Technologies: rethink animal health

Corporate Responsibility

First company in animal health certified Corporate Social Responsibility

Driven by our values, OUR VISION  relies on veterinarians in order to promote sustainable farming, farmers support and animal wellness.


“Consumers are facing a major public health problem: the antibiotic resistance combined with a loss of confidence in the product quality. In order to stimulate animals’ immunity, it’s essential to promote alternative solutions as well as reducing greatly the antibiotics use. For over 40 years, Vétalis has been involved in this management to encourage  sustainable farming and quality products. The CSR certification is the reward and acknowledgment of daily values and practices of all stakeholders: our collaborators, our suppliers, the veterinarians, the farmers and the consumers. Formalizing this commitment is important to keep on improving our methods while raising awareness amongst our partners.” Laurent Chery

CEO, Vétalis

We have made the choice to :

Anticipate and prevent

in order to propose alternative solutions regarding the public health problem : the antibiotic resistance

Be environmentally responsible

by optimizing the natural resources to develop our products. We also support the breeding of healthy animals, thus we contribute to food safety and regain consumers trust

Place our corporate responsibility at the heart of our organization and decisions

in order to guarantee transparency towards our stakeholders

Assigned Certification of the LUCIE Label