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Vétalis, an alternative approach to animal health since 1974




We are extremely proud to celebrate Vetalis’ 50th Anniversary this year!

Fifty years of expertise, innovation and success that have defined our business and established our reputation.

Since the adventure began fifty years ago, we’ve come a long way, progressing from a small local company into an expert in food supplements in animal health with a worldwide presence. Over the decades, we have overcome challenges, seized opportunities and constantly evolved to meet the needs of our partners.

Thank you for being part of our story!



Creation of the VETALIS laboratory



Specialist in food supplement manufacturing (animal and human).

1980 years

Choice to specialize in supplementary food

1990 years

Development of the long action intraruminal bolus

End of the medecine manufacturing


Purchase of VETALIS by Holding HFV

The subsidiary “ANT” supplies its products in France.


Recruitment of Veterinary Representatives for France

September 2005

New production unit

Moving to GENTÉ facility.
Unité de production produits alimentaires bovins
Removal of human supplement product range



Reorganization of the shareholdings : Laurent CHERY President

New Strategy
Creation of the following departments :
-Research and Development
-Marketing , Communication and Export
Refocusing on animal health.
Creation of the brand VETALIS TECHNOLOGIES.


First export contract signed with Ireland


Accreditation « Research Company»

Accréditation Vetalis par le Ministère de la recherche
by the french Ministry of Research
certification Vetalis - Feed Chain Alliance
FCA (Ovocom) International certification


Deposit of two patents

Galenic bolus : Control of the delitescence

disintegrating « Pidolate of calcium ».
Brevet bolus electrolytic Vetalis

Patent for the octogonal bolus shape in the world
Consolidation of the scientific team


Innov'SPACE* Award

Prix innovspace 2011 - Vetalis
For : ElectroPidolate
SPACE : International breeding fair

* the no.1 innovation label for livestock farming


New facility in Châteaubernard

Croquis du nouveau batiment Vetalis
Transfer of the production and the head office.
Reorganization following the ISO 9001 certification

Export Award « Prospection mission abroad »


Launching of new product ranges

Oligovet Flash
ElectroPidolate Max


Launching of the Colostrum Plus for sucklers

Patented bolus galenic

Enables the duration monitoring of the bolus delitescence


Labelling Corporate Social Responsibility

(ISO 26000)


Innov'SPACE* Award

For : Trace element Observatory, digital geolocation of bovine deficiencies in France and

veterinary diagnosis support

SPACE : International breeding fair

* the no.1 innovation label for livestock farming





VLOG Certificate

 Vetalis Certificat Vlog