Participative management: an entire company working together for animal health

Participative management and collective intelligence

All involved for the success

Working together to improve animal health

We are 35 people working together, of which 18 women and 17 men. Half of the workforce are executives.

Transversal management has been chosen in order to federate different skills towards the same project. The manager coordinates and orchestrates all the stages of the project. On a voluntary basis, team members can take turns in being the project leader. In this way, abilities and personalities previously unrecognised can emerge.

Every month, the department managers meet to present their Key Performance Indicators (KPI), discuss problems to be solved, and then share the feedback to their team.


Focus on the management committee

Like the large groups, our SME made the choice to create a management committee together with Laurent Chery. The strategic divisions managers meet once a month. They can also set up an appointment at any time at the initiative of one of its members. Decisions are taken together, taking into consideration each division’s obligations and objectives.