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Vétalis quality

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What is Vétalis quality?

Our products affect the life and health of animals. They also have an impact on human health, as they concern breeding animals for human consumption. We must guarantee the quality of the products we manufacture in order to offer veterinarians and livestock a total reliability and safety.

Feed Chain Alliance

This certification, obtained by Vétalis in 2009, provides a guarantee of good management and manufacturing practices, with the establishment of an effective quality system. Every year, an independent auditor checks our compliance with FCA regulations.

Control of Food Safety

Application of the HACCP plan = Risk assessment from reception of materials to the dispatch of products. Establishment of identified risk control methods (equipment, inspection).

Batch release

Any goods that come in or go out of the production site are subject to inspections and samples are taken to measure compliance with defined quality criteria. Samples and manufacturing records are kept for 10 years.

Infrastructure compliant with pharmaceutical standards

The premises have been designed according to pharmaceutical requirements. 1000 m2 of white rooms to enable the prevention of cross-contamination, temperature and humidity regulation, pressure differentials between each room, and filtration of the air according to ISO classifications 7 and 8.

In-house research laboratory

In addition to analyses subcontracted to various external laboratories, Vétalis has its own advanced analytical equipment (Plasma Torch – Atomic Emission Spectrometry). It enables the analysis of the raw materials quality on site within 24 hours, the qualification of finished products and the support in new product developments.