Privacy policy | Vétalis

Privacy policy principles

As stipulated by the GDPR standard applicable from May 24, 2018, we owe our visitors and our customers transparency on how we treat their personal data.

Indeed, in order to improve the browsing and online sales experience on the site, we are forced to collect certain data, to preserve them and to make some treatments when it is necessary for the good functioning of the site.

Contact details

Vétalis company

The company Vétalis markets the products to some of our customers (Design Thinking in particular).

Company name : Vétalis
SIRET number : 304 803 851 00050 inscrit  au RCS ANGOULEME

Tél. +33(0)5 45 81 31 12
FAX. +33(0)5 45 81 44 60
E-mail : contact(at)

Type of data collected

Données collectées lors d’une inscription

When registering on the website, we are likely to collect and store the following data :

First name, Last name
Address, Postal code, City, Country
E-mail address
Name of the veterinary practice
Medical register number
Intra-Community VAT number

Data collected (additional) during an order

Shipping address if different from the billing address
Payment method data
– Bank card number, expiry date, security code if payment by credit card. These data can be saved optionally by the Stripe application
– Bank details in case of a direct debit requested: IBAN number, BIC.

Navigation data

Our site uses some cookies to improve the experience and navigation on the site. These cookies enable to recall the latest products consulted, to display only once a pop-in advertising window.

Analytical monitoring data

The site uses Google Analytics tracking to better analyse visitor browsing in order to improve it.
The site uses a Facebook tracking to offer a more interesting experience to the visitor of the site then going on Facebook. 

Uses of your personal data collected

  • The collection of personal data as part of a registration and an order are necessary for the correct use of the site. Indeed, we need to verify the identity of the people and the company concerned before giving access to the product catalogue, pricing data and the ability to order online.
  • The collection of data by cookies is exclusively dedicated to the improvement of the navigation and capacity of analysis of the paths of the visitors on the site.

Data storage

In general, all the data collected are kept for a maximum period of 3 years. Data related to online orders can be kept up to 6 years maximum.

Safety measures of the data collected

To ensure better data security, our site uses an SSL security certificate that avoids unencrypted data exchange. In addition, access to sensitive data is protected by a security module that fights as effectively as possible against all forms of intrusion or hacking.

If you wish to request the deletion of your personal data, simply send us a letter or an e-mail.