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Deficiencies management
Oligovet Flash
Oligovet Flash

Oligovet Flash

In the case of deficiencies detected by laboratory analysis, or in the event of a deficiency suspicion during a critical phase such as calving, reproduction or lactation, it is important for the veterinarian to provide solutions that can quickly restore the plasma levels of trace elements.


Cattle over 400kg


Trace elements: Copper*, Iodine, Selenium*, Cobalt, Manganese*.

*Higly bioavailable salts


28 days of controlled release
1 bolus per cow to be used in the following cases:

  • Deficiencies detected by diagnosis or suspected deficiencies
  • Introduction of a new animal in the herd with an unknown status
  • Unanticipated critical situation (15 days before calving for example)


Restores in 28 days the plasma values in selenium, copper and cobalt.

  • High bioavailability of trace elements thanks to innovative organic salts
  • Spectacular recovery of plasma values after 21 days* on deficient cows
  • Easy, safe use (1 application per cow), compliant with European regulations.

Suitable applicator

Reference of bolus applicator suitable for this product: L019 / L020

Please remember that it is recommended to change the rubber tips regularly. This item is available for sale separately.


  • Box : 12 bolus of 170g
  • Pack : 50 bolus of 170g